Judge Allows Crisis Pregnancy Center to Join South Dakota Lawsuit

A Federal judge will allow crisis pregnancy centers to enter a lawsuit that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have filed against the State of South Dakota.  The lawsuit was brought against the state in response to legislation passed that makes a visit to a crisis pregnancy center mandatory before receiving an abortion. 

These crisis pregnancy centers seek to intervene based upon their stated interest in the legislation, specifically their interest lies in the fact that they will “lose business” if this legislation doesn’t stick. 

This very well might be true, as some women who are forced to enter these clinics  might be swayed by the promises that crisis pregnancy centers are known to make and the misinformation that they are known to propagate in their efforts to push forward their anti-abortion agenda.  The majority of women won’t be swayed, however, because they have thought their decision out prior and will see these facilities for the farce that they are.  It is disgraceful that the time and intellect of women is squandered and belittled by this obviously unconstitutional attempt at controlling South Dakota’s “women folk.”

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