$10 For Tebow Translates Into Terry Super Bowl Ads

When the Abortion Gang tried to turn Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s performance on the field into a fundraiser, anti-choice activists were aghast. But now, they are trying to do the same thing themselves, at the request of Randall Terry, the former founder of Operation Rescue.

Think of what “Sophia” and The Abortion Gang have done, to mock God, disparage the Tebow family, and to raise money to murder babies. And then let’s respond as true defenders of Life, and defenders of our faith. Please, give right now. Babies’ lives depend on it. And by the way, after you have given, why don’t you drop a line to The Abortion Gang, and let them know that you are helping fund a wave of Pro-life Super Bowl ads that will save babies from their bloody clutches. After you give, click the email button to send The Abortion Gang an email telling them what you have done for the babies.

Yes, Randall Terry is using Tebow to raise money to run his graphic anti-abortion ads on local stations during the Super Bowl and pregame.  And as a resident in one of his target markets, I guess I can at least thank him for giving me another reason to skip watching the game.

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