Personhood Arkansas Blames Proposal Defeat on “Pro-Abortion” AG

A group in Arkansas who wants to give legal rights to fertilized eggs is not taking defeat lying down.  In response to having their proposed constitutional amendment language turned down for being “too vague,” Personhood Arkansas is responding by calling the attorney general “blatantly pro-abortion.”

Via OneNewsNow:

The group submitted language for the proposal to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who rejected it on the basis of it being too vague. Personhood spokesman Keith Riley says that was no shock.

“They discussed several pro-life bills in the Arkansas legislature last year and he [McDaniel] sent somebody from his office to testify in opposition to every single one of them,” says Riley. “So, he’s been described in media circles as blatantly pro-abortion.”

But don’t worry about them giving up.  They intend to resubmit, and then take the matter to court if they get turned down again.

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