• bearcountry

    Come on Carole Joffe, you got the memo; I know that you did: IOKIYAR. Now you have to write it 100 times on a sheet of notebook paper.

  • veggietart

    I really do not want to hear one more Republican claim he’s trying to get government out of people’s lives because this current batch is the most intrusive when it comes to women’s medical decisions.  And Santorum is more obsessed with what gay people do in private than most gay people.  He’s also dangerously out of touch with most of the American people.

  • wolfwytch

    Every time this man opens his mouth I want to vomit! Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP!

    I can’t wait til this parade of ineptitude is over… but I’m afraid that we’re all stuck in some twisted version of Wonderland– a place where the parade never ends.

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