Man Who Burned Down Florida Clinic “Disliked Abortion”

Police have arrested a suspect for the New Years Day fire that burned down a clinic in Florida that provided abortions, and his motive appears simple.

He doesn’t like abortion.

Via the Washington Post:

According to the affidavit, Roger’s [sic] told investigators he had an aversion to abortion and said he had recently witnessed an anti-abortion protest near the clinic that further prompted his actions.

“Rogers admitted to intentionally setting fire to the clinic due to his strong disbelief in abortion,” the affidavit stated, and “he stated (he) was further fueled when he recently witnessed a young female entering the clinic while he was sitting amongst anti-abortion protesters.”

Clinic protesters claim that they are simply there to inform women and show their abhorrence for abortion.  But even without actively inciting violence, they still serve as a catalyst.

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  • progo35

    So, I guess if some pro choice wacko sees a pro choice counter protest and then burns down the headquarters of Operation Rescue, we can blame those protestors, right?

  • jennifer-starr

    It’s more than just ‘seeing a protest’. Your side gives tacit encouragement to these terrorists.  Oh sure, they’ll say “This is wrong, we condemn violence, blah blah blah”,  and then turn around and say something like “But we’re glad the clinic’s closed down”. 

  • wendy-banks

    You know Progo, sometimes it’s a really a pity that pro-choice folks are much much more law-abiding and civilized than the antis. With as much harm as OR does, 99.99% of *us* wouldn’t think of maiming, murdering, terrorizing, property damage, and arson like you folks do. 

    Now, who are the truley moral and amoral ones, hmm?

    Just like I always say to the fundies I meet that question my lack of belief in any gods. “You don’t need a god to be moral, you just need to know right from wrong.” And right and wrong aren’t black or white anyway– There is a lot more subtle shades of gray in life that most fundies can cope with anyway.

  • oldmayfly

    This is a guy who “dislikes women.”  And especially, he dislikes women who make their own choices–including their choice not to have anything to do with him.

    Misogynic male loners are the strike force of the anti-choice terrorists. 

  • colleen

    The guy is homeless and has felony convictions (burglary, grand larceny) in 4 Southern states . I imagine that he was looking for a bed for the winter and believes that such a crime would earn him a shorter stay and better treatment. He could well be right. Southern prisons appear to be his area of expertise.