Kansas NOW’s Kari Ann Rinker Schools Kansas State Reps on Jobs, Abortion and “Rape is Like a Flat Tire” Comments

VIDEO: Kari Ann Rinker Reminds State Representative Pete DeGraaf Rape is Not Akin to a “Flat Tire”

Kari Ann Rinker with KS NOW addresses State Representative Pete DeGraaf at the South Central Kansas Legislators Public Forum.

Kansas NOW’s state director and special to RH Reality Check Kari Ann Rinker testifies before a committee of Kansas state representatives.  She asks exactly how the legislature’s obsession with restricting women’s rights will lead to more jobs, and reminds Rep. Pete DeGraaf that you can’t “prepare for rape” like you would a spare tire. 

Also read Rinker’s piece today on predictions for Kansas in 2012.

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  • beenthere72

    You tell ’em, Kari Ann!