Ron Paul Cares About You — If You’re Having a Baby

As the Iowa caucus approached, Congressman Ron Paul is trying to shore up his lead by reminding the religious right in Iowa that he’s rigidly anti-choice, too.

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  • freetobe

    Ron Paul Is no friend to women. Not only is he a follower of the horrid Ayn Rand and named his son Rand Paul after her, he is according to this article going to end RoevsWade (not just statewide) and pass a bill called the Sanctity of Life Bill much like the personhood bills. He is also a racist

  • crowepps

    Brown people are supposed to be subservient to White people, Poor people are supposed to be subservient to Rich people, and of course the ancient favorite, Women should be subservient to Men.

    Weird how similar the Libertarian beliefs are to those of the John Birch Society and the KKK.  Or maybe not, seems to be pretty much the same kind of people involved in all three.

  • julie-watkins

    Yep. Those are “the rules”. So, of course, when the servants get uppity they aren’t following “the rules” — so it’s OK to make a fuss and make things even more difficult for people breaking “the rules”.

    If one is going to steal something — or shift the tax burden downward (including sales tax burden; & discrimanory fines & fees) — one has to obess on reasons why the people being stolen from are nasty and bad.

    I had a couple pro-Paul people come up to me when I was at an anti-war protest saying “you must be going to vote for Ron Paul! He wants to end the wars!” I wish I had the presense of mind to say I don’t support racism & misogyny.

  • crowepps

    People can oppose all wars because they think war is bad, or they can oppose a particular war because that one isn’t in the country’s best interests, but Ron Paul/Libertarians uniquely comes with a third reason — opposing wars because they don’t want to pay for them.

  • sonicnylon

    As a “pro-life” death merchant and a “libertarian” advocate of slavery, Ron Paul may take even the Republican tradition of demagoguery and deceit  to new depths.