Arkansas Submits “Egg As Person” Amendment To Attorney General

Personhood Arkansas has made the first motions to attempt to get a constitutional amendment defining a fertilized egg as a person onto the state’s 2012 ballot, turning in amendment language to the attorney general for approval.

Via Arkansas News:

A group pushing for an amendment to the state constitution that would ban abortion in Arkansas says it has submitted proposed ballot language to the state attorney general.

If Attorney General Dustin McDaniel approves the language, the group Personhood Arkansas would have until July 6 to collect 78,133 signatures to place the measure on the November 2012 ballot.

The proposed amendment states, “No innocent person shall be denied the right to life. With respect to the right to life, the word ‘person’ shall apply to all human beings, including the unborn, at every stage of their development.”

It adds that it shall have no effect on “contraceptives or other methods of birth control that do not cause the death of a person, ” on “in vitro fertilization or other methods of assisted reproduction that do not cause the death of a person,” or on “medical treatment for life-threatening physical conditions intended to preserve life.”

The group claims that the extensive language is necessary to ensure that people understand that this bill would not affect birth control or IVF.  But if they define a person as the moment of fertilization, it would still have the effect of limiting various forms of birth control as well as how couples create embryos for infertility treatments.

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  • boundinc

    You need to update your talking points. No one is buying your assertion that Personhood is about “eggs”.


    But I appreciate that your final paragraph is accurate.


    What do you think you’ll do for a living once killing children is outlawed?



  • crowepps

    I mean, they’re the ones who are making all the claims about birth control causing the deaths of persons — on which birth control methods exactly is the amendment going to have an effect?

  • jennifer-starr

    No one is talking about killing children here. And yes, personhood is about eggs. 

  • ack

    1. Killing children is already outlawed.

    2. The science of hormonal birth control and implantation of fertilized eggs is imperfect; it’s an unlikely possibility, but it is a possiblity. I’m totally comfortable with that, as are the rest of the women and girls who rely on hormonal birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

    3. Pregnancy and childbirth are both ENTIRELY about eggs. They have to be released and be fertilized. Then the fertilized egg must implant, and the zygote develop. And since personhood, from their perspective, appears to be entirely about pregnancy…

    4. The population of Mississippi appears to “buy” the implications of granting personhood to fertilized eggs.

  • ack

    Everything but barrier methods? You’d think that this bill would come with a rider that says that everyone in the entire state gets male and female condoms, both latex and non-latex for those with allergies, for free in the hopes of preventing the creation of a “person” when the folks who are having hetero sex don’t want that to happen. But somehow, I doubt that.

  • freetobe

    they will also have to ban the following, war,death penalty,amusement rides,guns,knives, driving,flying,parachuting,walking out in the streets etc…….


    because you know those things are dangerous and can kill a human or a fertilized egg oh my.


    What are you going to do with your guns after they are banned? Karma you know.