• victoria-miller

    Bravo Dr. Perriera for your advocacy on behalf of the needs of families who face heartbreaking choices after learning of major anomalies for their much-wanted children. Prenatal screening and testing is creating a larger and larger population of patients who get “bad news” no parent wants to hear which is the purpose of these tests. But there are sadly fewer and fewer Obstretricians and MFMs like yourself who are there to help them deal with the tragic knowledge that the child they were expecting is terribly sick and/or unlikely to survive beyond the newborn period. The “Heartbeat Bill” and other similar bills in practice target these families who are already straining with tragic news and add pain on top on pain when they learn the current system wants to empower them with knowledge about their unborn child, but then is often not prepared to assist them with making choices based on this knowledge. In our experience at the Trisomy 18 Foundation, parents both “saying goodbye early” (their term) and “carrying to term” are ill-served in the vast majority of obstetrical practices and spend years trying to recover from their losses and the less than compassionate care they received from their medical providers. We continue to work this issue hard at http://www.trisomy18.org and hope to see more OBs joining you on the front lines to advocate on behalf of their patients’ needs.

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