Wisconsin Anti-Choice Activists Plan To Harrass Women With Christmas Carols

Correction: The Pro-Life Action League in Chicago has written us to clarify that they have, in fact, been “conducting ‘Empty Manger’ caroling tours for 9 years now.” Thus, the idea was not new to Pro-Life Wisconsin as was claimed in the article.

As if signs, pamphlets and tiny plastic fetuses weren’t enough, the women of Wisconsin have a new form of harassment to look forward to if they need to access a reproductive health clinic during December.


Yes, for the few days leading up to Christmas, Pro-Life Wisconsin has pledged to deck the halls, or at least the sidewalks, of Wisconsin clinics with Christmas carols for the “empty mangers” that will exist due to abortion.

Via their website:

Last year’s Empty Manger Christmas Caroling effort was so popular, we’re doing it again this year, and in more cities to boot! 

What better way to bring the joy of Christmas to a place where hopelessness abounds?

We will have copies of Christmas carols and the empty manger. Please spread this message far and wide. Most of all, prepare the way of the Lord by joining us in song to glorify the King of kings.

A holly, jolly Christmas indeed.

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  • kp

    The ironic part of this protest is that Wisconsin has a huge Catholic population.  As any good Catholic knows, the Jesus should not be added to the Nativity until after Christmas mass, when he is officially “born”.


    As such, the sight of an empty creche is not traumatizing at all to a big portion of their audience.  In fact, it’s pretty darn normal.

  • freetobe

    Is this all they have to do in a time when people are losing their homes,starving,lacking health care,jobs,hope and suicidal?

    These sick people are obsessed with women and their uterus’s Obsessed! It is disgusting that in a crisis in the world where the church shold be practicing what Jesus taught helping people in need that this is all they know how to do? Infuriating! .

    All I want for christmas is for others to keep their morals to themselves!

  • elizabeth-d

    There is a very natural relationship between the Advent season and the pro-life cause, since Jesus, Who has been a person from all eternity, is clearly a person, fully God and fully man, from the moment He is conceived by the Holy Spirit, in Mary’s womb. Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth who is pregnant with John the Baptist, who leaps for joy in her womb in miraculous recognition of the Lord’s visit. This time we are in now, is a time of Mary’s pregnancy and longing to look on the face of the newborn Jesus! That love for the unborn Lord is a good motivation to love all unborn children and hope for their birth.


    Remember, Mary not only was vowed to virginity, but wasn’t yet living with St Joseph when she consented to become the mother of God, her pregnancy was a bit of a scandal. In fact St Joseph initially wanted to quietly divorce her. Then there was the whole mess about having to travel to Bethlehem for the census, and no suitable place to give birth but a stable. Jesus was a “crisis pregnancy”. Jesus is absolutely precious, absolutely good, and He came to adopt all us poor children into His own family, as precious and good.

  • person-0

    …has no basis in the reality women are faced with when experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. You might want to look up the stats on how many of your fellow believers are freely choosing abortion to realize your religious nonsense has no effect.

  • elizabeth-d

    There are two kind of Christian saints, those who by the mercy of God never sinned seriously in the first place, and those who repented profoundly and by the same mercy of God were forgiven (even of abortion) and persevered then in virtue. This mercy of God, in either case, is through the death of that same Jesus whose story you call ridiculous, and who rose from the dead. Do you mock him because some of those who call him Lord and say they are His followers also kill their children? This was what happened before He was put to death on a cross, the soldiers dressed him in a scarlet cloak and put a crown of thorn on his head and a reed in his hand as a scepter and mocked him “hail, king of the Jews!” And what did He do? He just loved you, to His death.

  • ahunt

    Ah. Religious Conversion, resulting in the determination to CONVERT those here on RHRC.




  • cade

    Mariology is a devotional practice of venerating Mary by expanding the Mary myths to suit the Church’s  political agenda (like Pius XII’s Marian dogmas to fight “godless” Communism!), usually done by giving her greater theological value in the overall Christian myth than is shown in the Bible itself. It stems from the inherent patriarchy of Christianity, that seeks to define a woman’s role without women defining it from themselves. The Church in particular doesn’t like women interpreting the Mary myth for themselves, so Mariology has also been heavy-handedly used to assure patriarchal-protecting orthodoxy on the matter, as you appear to be doing here. If you want to abide by Mariology, fine, but don’t think it makes for an anywhere-relevant argument against a real life woman’s reproductive rights.


    The idea that women should emulate the Virgin Mary is simply a patriarchal assertion that does not reflect the reality of a woman’s experience. In fact, it belittles that experience by ignoring the real risks and burdens women face in becoming mothers. Any honest Catholic woman can tell you that. No woman can live up to a mythologized Mary, whose Mariology-expanded myths have grown so ludicrous that any Christian would have to retain the nativity of a 6-year-old to believe them. Seriously, do you also tell women that they’ll give birth without any pain, as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas said of Mary? The notion that Mary had a “crisis pregnancy” akin to what some pregnant women today face–from economic hardship, to lack of social support, to serious medical complications (like my aborted pregnancy), to birth defeats that would afflict needless suffering and a cruelly short life on a born baby–is childish as it is demeaning and dismissive of the reality pregnant women considering abortion face. Any women who finds herself considering abortion is doing so because there is no magical archangel hovering over her, assuring her that everything will turn out OK because she’s been purified of all sins and she’s carrying God made Man. This is the real life. These women are just human, with human bodies and human lives, and sometimes things just don’t turn out OK for us mere humans.


    I don’t think you could honestly recognize the mythological Mary in the women who actually seek abortions. Most women who seek abortions are already mothers, unlike Mary. Many are struggling with finding jobs, working and supporting themselves, unlike Mary. Those who aren’t working often are trying to get an education or training so they can support themselves, unlike Mary. Many may have personal debt, like students loans, or may already financially support another family member, unlike Mary. Many would have to contend with a confounding and inadequate health care system and social welfare system if they are at risk of further medical problems from pregnancy and child birth or at risk of having a child with severe disabilities, unlike Mary. Some will have pregnancies that critically endanger the mother’s life, unlike Mary. Some will have pregnancies with heartbreakingly severe defects which will result in either a traumatic stillbirth or a baby incapable of living but a few hours after birth and possibly in agony, unlike Mary. Some may be trying to escape an abusive partner and have no support network beyond shelters and outreach programs, unlike Mary. Some may be already traumatized by rape, incest or other forms of abuse, unlike Mary. Some may be psychologically or physically unable, by no fault of their own, to bear the stress of pregnancy and child birth, unlike Mary.


    That’s the reality for women who are considering abortion. This complex reality is callously and cruelly dismissed by implying that every pregnant woman is carrying “Jesus” in her womb. First, it’s not Jesus, or even a child–it’s a zygote, embryo or fetus, which are all complex developmental stages biologically similar if not identical to other mammals that result in a child but is not a child *yet.* Despite gross misinformation by anti-abortionists, zygotes, embryos or fetuses do not act, develop or exist like a born child does. The event of birth is significant in that it produces a child, an immature yet biologically independent human who will now develop as an individual person, but *not before.* Second, for some women, pregnancy is a hopeful event and that is wonderful–but even then the pregnancy will be stressful and inherently risky, as all pregnancies are. But some women simply are in no position, given their circumstances, to see any joy or even hope, and they should not be shamed for seeing reality for what it is. There was no hope for my pregnancy. None. Only the possibility that, through medical intervention, my life and body could be spared. *That* was a good, because my life and body are precious too. Since I’ve gone through an abortion, I understand why we need it–it protects women. It doesn’t end lives–it spares them. It doesn’t counter a woman’s nature–it preserves a woman’s nature-endowed wisdom over reproduction and her own body. All women’s lives and bodies are precious and good, and they deserve to be protected and respected, rather than piously dismissed under the pseudo-compassionate guise of Mariology and the false equivalency of comparing all pregnancies to the mythological virgin birth of Jesus. 

  • person-0

    because it would just be silly to mock a character from a story. I’m mocking you and anyone else who believes such drivel should have an impact of women and their bodies. I couldn’t care less about the nonsense you choose to believe, but I do care how it affects others.