Surprise! SBA Group Endorses Republican Man Running Against Democratic Woman

In another solid reminder that the Susan B. Anthony groups is first and foremost about ending abortion, and only nominally interested in supporting female politicians, the group has announced that they will be endorsing Iowa Rep. Steve King over Democratic challenger Christie Vilsack.

Still, they are unironically calling it a move for women in politics.

Via The Hill:

“The Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund is excited about our first round of candidate endorsements for the 2012 elections,” said the group’s President Marjorie Dannenfelser.  “The shift last election cycle in numbers from pro-abortion to pro-life women was historic and no accident. The corrective moment for the women’s movement must continue next year, and we will be working to ensure that it does.”

Last election cycle was the first time there were fewer women in Congress than the previous year.

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  • colleen

    Does anyone actually buy the notion that the Republican women (and, for that matter, Third Way Democrats like Mr and Mrs Vilsack) care in the slightest about safe, legal abortion, the bottom 2/3rds of income earners, the widespread cultural impact of the policies and programs they advocate,  or the social situation of women in any culture, much less our own? Because there is so much evidence to the contrary.