Romney Not the Flip Flopper the DNC Says He Is — Except On Abortion, a site that presents itself as the non-partisan clearing house of political claims, has a bone to pick with the Democratic National Committee’s claims that presidential candidate Mitt Romney has flip flopped on nearly all of his positions.  The site claims that the DNC “went too far” in its accusations, and published a laundry list of disagreements with the DNC video.

But one area in which it does not disagree?  Romney’s 180 on the issue of reproductive rights.

On other issues the DNC is on target, however. While running for president four years ago, Romney managed to be both for the federal assault weapons ban and against reviving it after it expired. He also acknowledged changing sides on abortion. As he said in 2007: “(M)y position was effectively pro-choice. And that position changed.”

Luckily, Republicans will manage to find a way to ignore that flip flop, by calling it a “true conversion,” as Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List, puts it.

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