Is Gingrich Anti-Choice Enough to Get the Republican Nomination?

When Herman Cain gave what some saw as an ambiguous answer on abortion rights, social conservatives bristled, demanding clarification that he opposed abortion in absolutely all instances.  The same wing of the Republican party has refused to support Mitt Romney, believing he, too, has flip-flopped on a woman’s right to choose.

So, now that their only real alternative is former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, will they be willing to overlook the same “choice” flaw they could not cope with in the other options?

Depends on who you ask.  Via the Des Moines Register:

A significant bloc of Iowa evangelical Christians opposes abortion under any circumstances — and even more lambaste federal funding in any instance.

“Newt is famous for being all over the board,” said Cary Gordon, a minister at Sioux City’s Cornerstone church. “He is admirable in many ways, but I won’t back him. I don’t trust him.”

Conservative radio host Steve Deace said Gingrich spearheaded the Republican takeover of the House in 1994 based on conservative ideology, “so people may make assumptions about him and his record that when you go into details aren’t necessarily true.”

“In general,” Deace said, “any Christian is going to have a hard time supporting any candidate who is on the record for taxpayer-funded baby murder unless that candidate has had a clear and obvious change of heart that also bears itself out in how he governs now.”

Can an immense hatred for Mitt Romney be enough to overlook Gingrich’s “troubling” past?  The former Speaker sure hopes so.

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  • veggietart

    Then why don’t they oppose wars that kill children? Why do they oppose programs that help poor families, including children?

    Oh, right, it’s only the unborn they care about.

  • crowepps

    If they were sincerely concerned about the unborn, they wouldn’t be agitating to bomb Iran, a country that contains one million pregnant women.