Pregnant Occupy Protester Miscarries After Being Beaten and Sprayed by Police

As someone who lost a three-month pregnancy, I am broken-hearted for this young woman. I weep tears of rage. I am trying to think of something eloquent to say, but all that will come right now is a howl of shame and disgust at what this country is doing to its people. 

When I was 27, I was three months pregnant with Saoirse. The U.S. had just declared war on Iraq in 1991, and I marched many times while pregnant against the war. I thought that I had moral capital, carrying life inside me and protesting against the loss of life.

This poor woman has had the life within her crushed by police brutality. By the brutality of a system that feels threatened.

I mourn with her. 

Here is the link. It appears to be broken, although you can access the link from the front page. Pregnant miscarries

Front page

From the article: 

Seattle Post-Intelligencer photographer Joshua Trujillo snapped a picture of Fox in apparent agony as another activist carried her to an ambulance.

Seattle fire department spokesman Kyle Moore told The Washington Post that a 19-year-old pregnant woman was among those that were examined by paramedics.

While doctors at Harborview Medical Center didn’t see any problems at the time, things took a turn for the worst Sunday.

“Everything was going okay until yesterday, when I started getting sick, cramps started, and I felt like I was going to pass out,” she explained.

When Fox arrived at the hospital, doctors told her that the baby had no heartbeat.

“They diagnosed that I was having a miscarriage. They said the damage was from the kick and that the pepper spray got to it [the fetus], too,” she said.

“I was worried about it [when I joined the protests], but I didn’t know it would be this bad. I didn’t know that a cop would murder a baby that’s not born yet… I am trying to get lawyers.”

 I will update this story as more information becomes available.

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  • beenthere72

    Not looking good when her own foster family calls her a compulsive liar:


  • karenaldridge

    Been there – Just so that you’ll know, posting that link only makes you look petty and juvinile.  Those of us who frequent this site (who are not here to discredit it) do so to get a break from news sites like the Seattle Times.  We all know that pregnant women face a good deal of brutality.  We know that rape is commonplace.  But it seems that whenever a female victim’s name  is associated with these crimes, some “news” source will call her a liar, even when they can’t possibly know.  It’s as though they are defending a man’s entitlement to commit violent crimes against women.


    Out of curiosity, would you be at all interested in what some of the children might have to say about these foster parents?  Do you think that Kobe Bryant, Herman Cain and DSK have never lied?  Have you ever known of a rapist who admitted to the crime?  I don’t imagine that I’ll ever read a news article claiming that the woman is a liar when what she says flatters the man she’s talking about, although I do think that women tell that lie quite a bit because it’s just, well, easier.


    If “news” organizations ran the “women lie” story at about the same rate that one normally sees that sort of thing with their own eyes, and mix in a few “men lie” stories, they might gain some credibility.  After all, the truth is not obligated to flatter.


  • crowepps

    Not looking good when a foster family abandons the confidentiality of the role and unnecessarily disparages a former foster child to the media so they can get a seat on her 15 minutes of fame ride.  Kind of makes me wonder whether, if she has issues, some of them might be a result of being forced to live with people who are negative and spiteful.

  • beenthere72

    I live in Massachusetts where the Karl Rove sponsored attack ads on Elizabeth Warren claim that the OWS she supports are violent, drug-filled, unlawful actions.   I feel that Republicans are behind the police force that are making the occupation look this way when they are, for the most part, nothing like that.    If a small faction are taking the spotlight, this hurts the truth of the movement and reinforces Republican claims.     All claims of such violence should be thoroughly researched before being reported.   I support RHRC, I don’t want to see them repeating claims that are possibly false and there’s plenty of evidence, or lack thereof, that her claims are unsupported.   If she was screaming that she was pregnant and they were still abusive towards her, that’s completely unacceptable and should be investigated.    There’s an interview with her on the ‘net where she contradicts her own story many times.  Pregnant with twins and one died and she gave birth to the other?  Pregant again a few months later?   One month pregnant then 3 months pregnant?  If she intended to sue, why not keep the evidence and not throw it out?   An Olympic swimmer luring young girls to take swimming classes with her?    I’ve known plenty of compulsive liars, *pathological liars*, in my time – they come in all shapes, sizes and sexes. 

  • julie-watkins

    Whether or not she was pregnant, declaring “I’m pregnant” should have resulted with police treating her as if she were. But they weren’t, it seems, following appropriate arrest procedure. Not a good way to get public trust. So I think Republican propaganda isn’t going to be able to make as much of this as other stuff.

    There’s another possibility between “truth” and “lying”. She might have some issues and really, really wants to be pregnant, and is missinterpreting she’s observing about her own body. Under high stress “I could be pregnant” could become “I am pregnant” and so on. I’ve read accounts and had experience with people believing contradictory/impossible things.

  • beenthere72

    In the comments of one article, someone stated that declaring ‘I’m pregnant’ is a common tactic among homeless women to get out of confrontation with law enforcement.   I wonder if this is true?     

  • crowepps

    To avoid having someone club you in the belly, it sounds like a reasonable tactic to me.

    The more important discussion is whether ‘softening up’ protestors who have not yet been convicted of any crime with a little prepunishment is reasonable police procedure.  Are we going back to the days when being arrested routinely came with a beating just in case the judge let you go?

  • julie-watkins

    It’s the courts that are supposed to decide pushment, not the police.