• crowepps

    The article from Venezuela talks about this same issue:

    But the state, and principally the religious institutions are completely opposed to this struggle.

    Yes, but those who raise the flag against abortion aren’t assuming any kind of responsibility. The religious institutions and the state aren’t the ones who later take on the responsibility for the birth of unwanted children. Its women who take it on, and furthermore as a form of punishment. Because as you have unwanted children your possibilities of development decrease.

    There’s no harmony between those who raise the flags against abortion and the actions they carry out for it. For religions, women have always been impure, evil, witches, liars, inferior beings, among other characterisations of these institutions towards the female sex.


  • colleen

    I can’t help but notice how, since Bill Clinton signed The Personal Responsibility Act, the religious right and the GOP and to some extent the ‘New’ Democrats have become more strident and their  proposals more irresponsible, unsustainable and cruel. It’s as if, having removed any concerns about unwanted pregnancies costing them money, they decided to double down on the nonsense, cruelty and suffering.

    So much for the ‘consciences’ of the religious right.

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