New Religious Right Ploy to Defund Planned Parenthood: Tie them to OWS

Earlier this month, Life News posted a story with this headline: “Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Occupy Wall St. Movement.”

This will certainly strike fear in the hearts of the Life News readership.  Planned Parenthood plus anarchist hippies can mean only one thing – de-fund Planned Parenthood redux.

This from the article:

Yesterday Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, joined a coalition of left-wing groups in Florida to protest pro-life Republican Governor Rick Scott and to show support for the larger Occupy Wall Street movement taking place nationwide.  The Occupy Wall Street movement has become the subject of public skepticism after numerous well-documented cases of anti-Semitism, sexual assault, drug abuse, public masturbation, public defecation, vandalism and violence. Among the movement’s supporters and sponsors are the Communist Party USA, the American Nazi Party, Socialist Party USA, Industrial Workers of the World, International Bolshevik Tendency, Marxist Student Union, 9/11 Truth groups and more.

The author, Andrew Bair, seems to be hitting on all anti-choice cylinders here, utilizing the following religious right dog whistles: Nazi Party, Anti-Semitism, Socialist, Bolshevik, Marxist, and my personal favorite; public masturbation.

And what does Mr. Bair suggest as a cure for this unholy alliance between the Occupiers and Planned Parenthood?  That’s right, yet another reason PP should be defunded.   As Bair says in the piece, “…ties to such disreputable organizations, just further calls into question Planned Parenthood’s credibility.  It’s unconscionable that an organization, which receives millions of tax dollars a year would encourage supporters to rally alongside groups like the American Nazi Party.”  (Make no mention of the women’s clinic bombers an murderers of abortion providers aligned with the anti-choicers.  Not really relevant here for Mr.Bair I guess.)

And what of the millions in federal funding that fraudulent crisis pregnancy centers havegotten throughout the years – and continue to get?  And how about the $1.5 billion handed out to medically inaccurate, shaming, heteronormative and gender stereotyping abstinence only programs have raked in – an continue to rake in.  It is terribly convenient to point out the funding of Planned Parenthood – which everyone know cannot use tax payer dollars to fund abortions – and not let your readership know your people too are raking in the dough and helping no one.  Planned Parenthood provides vital family planning and health care services to millions of families.  Ab-only programs and CPC’s do nothing but spread religious ideology, use guilt and shame to manipulate women and all while do it by wasting our tax dollars.

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  • sertelt

    Bair’s post makes no mention of religion nor advocates any religious viewpoint.

    “Ab-only programs and CPC’s do nothing but spread religious ideology.” Oh I get it, it must be a slow news day at RHRC if you need to springboard off a LifeNews post to spread religious bigotry. Keep it classy.

  • kanawah

    Planned Parenthood is an essential women’s service organization.  It provides health services to poor and low income women.  It provides contraception to them, and when there is no other recourse, they on occasion do provide abortion services.  Abortion services account for about 3% (three percent) of their total budget.


    The anti choice mob will tell any lie to get their way, because they know they have no legitimate argument in their favor.


    My point of view is if a woman wants an abortion, it is the woman’s decision.  Not the church’s decision, not the state’s decision, and not even the fathers decision.  It is the woman’s decision.  Unless others are invited in, it is none of you business.

  • jennifer-starr

    Actually I think spreading disinformation about Planned Parenthood, which is what the religious right and anti-choice crowd have been doing for a while now, is pretty darn bigoted. And abstinence only programs and CPCs DO spread religious ideology, and if I had my way I  would like to stop my tax dollars from going to these organizations.  Unfortunately I live in the land of Falwell and Robertson and Bob McDumdum is my governor, but there’s always hope for a return to sanity.