Georgia Considers Fertilized Egg As Person Measure While Personhood Mississippi Makes A PAC

The more people show they aren’t interested in the radical agenda of the “Personhood” movement, the more it just seems to egg (ha!) them on.  In the wake of a crushing defeat in Mississippi, the fertilized egg as person backers are taking a new approach, creating a political action group to “help elect anti-abortion candidates and to educate voters.”

The state of Georgia is also looking to hop on the bandwagon.  Two state lawmakers want to introduce a bill in the legislatures to define life as beginning at the moment of fertilization, yet plan to “re-introducing the bill with modified language omitting references to fertilization and cloning.”

I’m not entirely sure how one can propose a bill declaring life begins at fertilization while omitting references to fertilization, but I’m sure it’s not the wackiest thing the movement has tried to accomplish.

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