Lawsuit Against 2009 Arizona Abortion Restrictions Dismissed

Planned Parenthood of Arizona has announced it will not appeal now that a judge has dismissed its lawsuit attempting to block abortion restrictions passed in 2009.

Via the Arizona Daily Sun:

A Planned Parenthood Arizona lawsuit challenging a 2009 state law restricting abortion services has been dismissed.

An order signed by a judge Monday implements an agreement between the abortion provider and anti-abortion groups. The agreement stems from a state Court of Appeals ruling in August that upheld most of the challenged provisions of the 2009 law.

With those laws in effect, women in the state must meet in person with a physician prior to the procedure.  In addition, there is a ban on anyone other than a doctor providing a surgical abortion.

Just this year, the state became even stricter, passing a law saying that only a doctor can hand out drugs that induce abortions as well. The restriction was implemented to make it much more difficult for women to obtain medicated abortions.  That law has also gone into effect, although it is still being sued in court.

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