“Help! Help! I’m Being Oppressed!”

The Catholic Bishops are understandably worried that their rights to impose their moral beliefs on the rest of the country is under attack, and they aren’t going to take it lying down.

Via the National Catholic Register:

Explaining the bishops’ decision last June to make religious liberty one of their top priorities as a conference, he said, “For some time now we have viewed with growing alarm the ongoing erosion of religious liberty in our country.”

“Among the challenges we see is a pattern in culture and law to treat religion merely as a private matter between an individual and his or her God,” Lori added. “Instead of promoting toleration of differing religious views, some laws, some court decisions, some administrative regulations treat religion not as a contributor to our nation’s common morality but rather as a divisive and disruptive force better kept out of public life.”

Mandatory nationalized religion for everyone!

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  • crowepps

    “Among the challenges we see is a pattern in culture and law to treat religion merely as a private matter between an individual and his or her God,”

    When obviously the important thing is for government to recognize and respsect the religious AUTHORITY who stands between that individual and his and her God and says God has put them in charge of MAKING that individual do what the Authority thinks God wants them to do.

    I mean, just because America has rejected the Divine Right of Kings doesn’t mean our citizens shouldn’t be subject to the Divine Right of Priests.

  • starrsitter

    It seems to me that a lot of this stems from the inability of the Catholic Church to control its own flock.  More and more Catholics are questioning the authority of the Church along with their medieval views on sex and gender in particular and they are looking for another means by which to regain control.  If the rest of us heathens are collateral damage in their fight to do so through secular law, so be it.

  • freetobe

    They need to keep their rotten patriarchy women hating loathing to themselves!

    “hey you dumb ugly old men in robes your making me grow farther and farther away from God” is that what this is all about for you? turn us away from the real Jesus and lead us to your Satandom world of abusing little boys and girls impregnating them and then forcing abortions on them then turn around and pretend it never happened? Say that the bible is not right so add your own agenda’a and remove women from the Bible. remove the truth about who Jesus really was?

    You make me sick no really your are all a disgrace to the human race. You are not “father” to me or anyone else a real father would never hurt his children and his daughters as you have done. You are no holier than a cow GET over your jealousy of not being able to bare children and feeling left out. God realized he made a fatal flaw creating men like you so he created women. How does the truth feel how does the truth hurt? I hope it hurts as much as your kind has hurt me! Any men who don’t like this i am not sorry i have had enough cruelty and disrespect from your kind because i happened to be born the wrong gender to be able to live the life I want minus the CONTROL factor.

  • heathen57

    we see this kind of thing more and more and not only the RCC.  Evangelicals and Southern Baptists seem to be running a close race with the aforementioned church in thinking that their rights supercede others.


    Right now the Bishops are upset that they don’t get special privledges to discriminate against Gays and Women while still getting money from adoption and health services.  To them forcing others who are not of their religion to follow the dogma is their right, even though it tramples their victims rights even to the point of taking the lives of women. 


    Our local hospital is city run and they want to lease it to a health care group.  The RCC is one of the bidders and I am going to appear at city council to voice my opposition.  If they do get the lease the closest secular hospital that a rape victim would be able to get care is 100 miles away.  Yet I am being “anti-Catholic” for bringing these things up.


    In a way, I’m glad that they are so upset along with their religious brothers.  It means that the laws and contracts are being followed like they should be.  If we really get lucky, they will take their ball and go home like they have done in DC and other places.

  • crowepps

    A woman who is on a tight budget, and who wants to have a tubal ligation right after delivery because that is the least expensive option, will only be able to do so by accepting the risks of a two hour ride to the other hospital so that she can give birth there, since the Catholic hospital will REQUIRE her to stay fertile when she doesn’t want to.  You might point out to the local council that this particular rule has nothing to do with abortion and a great deal to do with inflicting the Catholic ideal of ‘obedient breeding stock’ on unwilling women.  If it’s ‘anti-Catholic’ to not want a dozen children, then a LOT of women are anti-Catholic.


    Personally, I think it is blatantly unconstitutional for any government entity to lease a hospital to someone who admits up front they are going to IMPOSE their religion on unwilling patients, is going to REDUCE the amount of health care available to women, will assist rapists in impregnating their victims, and plans to refuse women with pregnancy complications appropriate medical care.  If the Catholic Church is going to REQUIRE women to martyr themselves, then they need to do so entirely on their own dime and without coopting government to prevent their sacrifices from escaping them at secular hospitals.  The fact that Catholics plan to do no more than pray over women who are dying along with their doomed fetuses disqualifies them from operating any publicly owned hospital that provides obstetrics or emergency care.

  • waterjoe

    If the law makes Catholic entities violate their beliefs, isn’t that imposing someone else’s morals on them?