Radiance Foundation Continues Pressure on Rape Victims to Carry Their Attacker’s Baby

Publicly, the Radiance Foundation is best known for its racist billboard campaigns, especially targeting African-American women. But when talking to their own, the founder of the group is more likely to discuss his own personal push to cut off rape victims’ access to abortion.

Via New American:

[Founder Ryan] Bomberger urged Americans to reconsider aborting a child who is the product of a rape. “Although you may be in this immediate moment of pain and chaos, there is another side of the story,” he stressed. “There’s something beautiful that can rise from the ashes of such a violent act.”

He discussed his happy life in his loving, multiracial adoptive family, with nine other siblings who were also adopted, and his profound gratitude for that life: “I keep thinking about this myth that is put out there by Planned Parenthood — the reason why they profit in the millions — because they destroy beautiful possibilities every single day. Even in cases of rape and incest, choosing life not only blesses the child but many others through the lives they can go on to live.”

I wonder if a new billboard campaign is in the making…

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  • ahunt

    Where is Ferret when I need her?


  • ahunt

    …pretty much says it all…


    It isn’t about the woman…
    Don’t be selfish. It’s about the child.

    Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. – Philippians 2:3

    How can anyone feel they have a “right” to determine who shall live and who shall die? Every life begins as a clean slate. Except for God, no one can determine whether or not another person’s life will be worthwhile. Poor circumstances can be overcome, while favorable circumstances can be wasted.

    Those who believe they have a “right” to chose should remember this line from Dickens, which fits well with determining who shall live and who shall die:

    “Perhaps, in the future, you will hold your tongue until you have discovered where the surplus population is, and WHO it is. It may well be that, in the sight of Heaven, you are more worthless and less fit to live than MILLIONS like this poor man’s child.”

  • lindzanne

    God I’m so sick of this guy exploiting his multi-racial family to make it seem like he should be able to speak for everyone………

  • colleen

    “Although you may be in this immediate moment of pain and chaos, there is another side of the story,” he stressed. “There’s something beautiful that can rise from the ashes of such a violent act.”

    What a horrible man his multi-racial family produced.

  • prochoiceferret

    Sorry, I had to properly break in a new ferret toy! (You have to be very thorough when it comes to dryer hose)


    I can just imagine the Radiance Foundation’s new billboard campaign:


    The pro-life movement needs more


    with a personal story that polls well.



    Overlay with photo of Ryan Bombburger looking all puppy-eyed.

  • crowepps

    Personally, if I were raised in the same family, I would resent his hauling out a picture which included me as part of his self-promotion, as well as his presuming to explain my experience and my emotions, and his using my life and my pain as levers to relieve people of their money.


    His schtick is pretty much “God sure had something special in mind when He arranged for my mother to suffer the horrible trauma of rape!  Her pain and the destruction of her life is just really unimportant considering that God was planning to bless the universe with my wonderfulness!”


    Doesn’t seem to occur to him that he’s encouraging predatory men to rape, giving them GOD’S PERMISSION to go ahead and rape, since beating some woman to the ground and assaulting her is part of God’s plan to produce more extra specially terrific miracles like Ryan.   (sarcasm)  Why the rapes they commit may be brutal and soul destroying for the woman, but is that really imporant when the resulting babies are such a huge BENEFIT to society?  If women weren’t so SELFISH and unreasonable they would WANT to be mothers.  It’s practically doing the women a FAVOR: the rapist assaults and impregnates them, and then Ryan does his part by shaming and blaming them into continuing the pregnancy.  The rapist violently uses the woman’s body regardless of what she wants, and then Ryan psychologically assaults her and convinces her what she wants doesn’t matter and Ryan demands on behalf of the fetus the use of her body regardless of what she wants.  What a team for Patriarchy!

  • veggietart

    YOU are not going to be the one carrying the pregnancy for nine months. YOU are not going to be the one who has to care for the kid or, should you give it up for adoption, has to worry about it coming back in 18 years to look for birthmom. Heck, you will probbly never be raped. So, please, STFU about how something beautiful can come out of a violent act. There’s nothing beautiful in forced pregnancy.

  • morgansher

    Due to the way the law is written in many states, rapists ARE also legally considered worthy of a parental relationship with such children as they impregnate their victims with.  Women here in the US have been compelled under court order to maintain contact with their rapists because of those laws.  These are not beautiful outcomes for anyone.