• stacey-burns

    So, by this definition if a nurse were to administer an ultrasound revealing fetal anomalies that cause a woman to reevaluate her pregnancy and ultimately seek an abortion, that nurse would have assisted in an abortion. 

  • crowepps

    So what the nurses want is for the ‘bad’ women who are having abortions to be given patient gowns with big scarlet A’s all over them, so that the nurses don’t accidentally touch them and get contaminated.  I have an idea!  Why don’t the nurses just refuse to provide care to any female patients at all?  After all, who knows, she might really be in for fibroids THIS time, but who knows what her past medical history is!  It’s clearly a violation of their freedom of conscience and ability to judge, condemn and stigmitize patients for nurses to be expected to ever provide care to “those kind of people”.

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