• julie-watkins

    I’m glad the “personhood” vote failed. I wish the ID requirement had also failed.

  • wildthing

    Anyone who is pregnant or in childbirth is risking their lives… they have a rigth to self defense if there is a person threatening their lives… it stands to reason no one can force someone else to go through child birth and preganancy against their will and in jeopardy of their lives.

  • cristen-hemmins

    “Millions of dollars of staff and resources poured into Mississippi from around the country to defeat 26…” This is a complete lie. I appreciate the spirit of this article, and I too am disappointed that 27 passed. 26 was defeated because many people like me, Mississippians who had personal stories who were willing to take a stand and work hard to spread the word how dangerous 26 would be for MS, did just that. MS for Healthy Families did great work, but MFHF was a coalition of Mississippians–physicians, religious leaders, everyday citizens. We defeated this largely by ourselves (with the invaluable help of a few outsiders/non-Mississippians, but there weren’t nearly as many as your article implies). And although it would have been nice to defeat 27 as well, it was all we could do to defeat 26.

    There was certainly no million put to this effort, much less plural “millions.” We were *thrilled* to have $58,000 come in in the few days after I was on The Rachel Maddow Show, begging for money.


    I take exception to your suggestion that 26 was defeated by “the out-of-town folks (who) will be catching flights home, celebrating their tremendous victory, and catching up on much-needed sleep.” It belittles everything us *Mississippians* did to defeat 26. And we outnumbered the “professional campaigners” 1000 to 1, at least.

  • evie6789

    There certainly was a lot more money pumped into the Yes campaign than ever made it into the No, although I’m still not sure it hit the millions.  Maybe the author is confusing which side had the money?  It sure as heck wasn’t us.  For the most part we bought our own posterboard and empty buttons and blank signs and painted and sharpied our little hearts out to defeat 26.  I donated a bit of money myself to the three local groups that were trying to gather enough for billboards and radio spots and TV ads, but all together those groups were working with peanuts. 


    If the two initiatives had come up at separate times, I would have loved to have thrown as much personal effort into defeating voter ID.  I spoke to as many people as I could about it every day, hoping to get the word out that it wasn’t as “common sense” as it seemed.  But unfortunately I am only one person, with very little money, and I had to focus my energies on the initiative that could have potentially killed me.  =\

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