Leading Virginia State Senate Candidate Once Called Birth Control “Baby Pesticides”

Virginia’s Dick Black may not be elected to the state senate yet, but there’s no doubt that the folks currently serving already know him well.  As an active anti-choice activist, Black has made a name for himself as a Delegate, from pushing to allow pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control to sending pink plastic fetuses to colleagues to convince them to vote for anti-choice legislation.

And in case that wasn’t extreme enough, Black once called birth control “baby pesticides.”

Via The Washington Times:

“Anything designed to kill a child, which I define as a living organism with the DNA of Homo sapiens, is unacceptable,” said Delegate Richard H. Black, Loudoun County Republican.

Mr. Black said, aside from the morality of the issue, he is concerned that birth control is contributing to a low birth rate in the United States and called contraceptives “baby pesticides.”

Black is currently leading in the race for the state senate seat. The election will be held November 8th.

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  • forced-birth-rape

    Quotes from pro-forced birthers.



    “Anders Behring Breivik christian terrorist, pro-forced-birther.

    What he thinks about womens rights, women need to breed, breed, breed.

    He has the same ideas for women as republicans, conservatives, and pro-lifers.


    1. Limit the distribution of birth-control pills (contraceptive pills): Discourage the use of and prevent liberal distribution of contraceptive pills or equivalent prevention methods. The goal should be to make it considerably more difficult to obtain. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points but would degrade women’s rights.

    2. Reform sex education: Reform the current sex education in our school institutions. This may involve limiting it or at least delaying sex education to a later age and discourage casual sex. Sex should only be encouraged within the boundaries of marriage. This alone should increase the fertility rate by 0,1 points.

    3. Making abortion illegal: A re-introduction of the ban on abortion should result in an increased fertility rate of approximately 0,1-0,2 points but would strip women of basic rights.

    4. Women and education: Discourage women in general to strive for full time careers. This will involve certain sexist and discriminating policies but should increase the fertility rate by up to 0,1-0,2 points.

    Women should not be encouraged by society/media to take anything above a bachelor’s degree but should not be prevented from taking a master or PhD. Males on the other hand should obviously continue to be encouraged to take higher education – bachelor, master and PhD.”


    Self-Described ‘Christian Counterpart To Osama Bin Laden’ Arrested In Plot To Bomb Abortion Clinic

    Justin Carl Moose describe “himself” as the Christian counterpart to Osama bin Laden. Moose wrote: “I have learned a lot from the muslim terrorists and have no problem using their tactics.” ”




    “St. Augustine said, “Any woman who acts in such a way that she cannot give birth to as many children as she is capable of, makes herself guilty of that many murders.”



    ”Martin Luther wrote: “God created Adam lord of all living creatures, but Eve spoiled it all. Women should remain at home, sit still, keep house and bear children. And if a woman grows weary and, at last, dies from childbearing, it matters not. Let her die from bearing; she is there to do it.”




    Pro-lifers favorite piece of literature of all time.


    Genesis 3:16

    “I will greatly multiply your grief and your suffering in pregnancy and the pangs of childbearing; with spasms of distress you will bring forth children. Yet your desire and cravings will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

  • elburto

    How do you kill something that doesn’t even exist? BC prevents pregnancy. No pregnancy = no baby. That’s like calling vaccines “virus pesticides”. Why do American politicians seem to hate science and language as much as they hate women?

  • wendy-banks

    How did someone like HIM get nominated? UGH…

  • ahunt

    “Anything designed to kill a child, which I define as a living organism with the DNA of Homo sapiens, is unacceptable,”


    Women are designed to “kill” a living organism with the DNA of Homo sapiens…


    What a tool.