Praying About Abortion Near Elementary Schools Not Just for the United States Anymore

There’s been a growing number of incidents in the United States of anti-abortion activity, be it prayers, graphic signs and posters, or other means of protest being targeted too close to places where young children go to school or daycare.

But now the trend appears to be picking up in England, as well, as parents grow more irate with a group of nuns who have decided to make their mark praying and displaying anti-abortion bumper stickers and posters across the street from an elementary school.

Via The Guardian:

Mother-of-three Sally Gooding, 32, from Surbiton, said: “The first time I came up here I did not pay the women much attention.

“They are mostly old ladies, singing, and it all seemed quite sweet and innocent, but I have to say I was quite shocked by some of the bumper stickers.

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion but this kind of stuff is very right wing and fundamentalist. There is a primary school in this road and I would not want my kids exposed to such a narrow-minded view.”

But not everyone is being quite so vocal about the nuns.  One person was only willing to speak off the record.  His fear? That if he used his name the nuns might start “praying for him.”

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  • education-for-choice

    Thanks for drawing attention to anti-choice behaviour in the UK. There’s an increasing amount of this whether it be new 40 Days for Life groups popping up, or anti-abortion organisation giving misinformation in schools. Our organisation has also carried out an investigation of Crisis Pregnancy Centres here to find a number giving inaccurate and biased information. Sadly, it seems a fair amount of US anti-choice action (and funding!) is being exported over here.