Bachmann Talks Abortion While Campaigning At Iowa Church

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann became a national figure to many when a video surfaced of her testifying at a local church, telling the congregation about how she was “hot for Jesus” in a speech that sounded much like a campaign stop.

Now, Bachmann is doing it again, this time in the churches of Iowa.

Via the Ames Patch:

Bachmann spoke for 30 minutes during the church’s 11 a.m. services, touching on her family’s history and her Christian faith to about 180 people. Then she mingled and ate with potential caucus goers during a barbeque lunch that followed.

During the service, the congregation occasionally offered “Amens,” particularly when Bachmann spoke of her views on abortion and her experience as a foster mother.

“Have you ever seen The Wizard of Oz? The first part of the movie is in black and white and all of the sudden it’s in technicolor,” she said. “That’s how it seemed when I came to Jesus Christ.”

Her message was overwhelmingly religious, and she voiced her stance on abortion, an issue she said she became passionate about after seeing “How Should We Then Live,” a film from the theologian Francis Shaeffer.

“He said how a person views the issue of abortion, of human life, will impact how they view other issues as well,” Bachmann said. “So, my husband and I became profoundly pro life.”

Bachmann is currently polling at 8 percent in Iowa.

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