Are These Clinic Supporters Really “Dancing In The Streets?”

Pro-Life Wisconsin has a habit of doing anything in its power to try and persuade the general population that its radical anti-choice, anti-sex-ed, anti-birth control agenda is “caring” and that reproductive health rights and the ability to control pregnancy is “evil.”  So it’s no wonder that they are now claiming that clinic escorts “danced in the street” after a “botched abortion” at a Wisconsin clinic.

According to the Pro-Life Wisconsin press release, “AMS staff can be seen laughing, dancing and doing the limbo as the woman was taken away. One AMS staffer even threatened vigilers, saying, ‘You’re lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.’”

Except the video (which includes a few very obvious cuts and therefore gives us no real idea of how long the cameraman was actually filming) shows a very different story — no limbo, no woman being taken away, no ambulance.  Just a group of people waiting at the clinic door who all walk away together as it closes.

No wonder the other anti-choice organizations in the state are trying to distance themselves from this group.

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  • crowepps

    A long day at work, one of the patients has some sort of emergency that requires further care, you come out onto a dark street and there’s Angry Fanatic with his camera, taking pictures of everybody, making accusatory remarks in a furious voice because he has jumped to the nastiest possible conclusion about what happened and blames the staff.  It’s obvious that the staff were waiting for everyone to gather so that they could leave and go to their cars in a mutually protective group.  It seems to me that having protestors who are supposedly there to inform or persuade patients continue to hang around after the clinic is closed makes it clear the purpose of their presence at that point is not political protest or free speech opinion but instead implied threat and stalking.

  • lisac

    And then they jaywalked.  Is nothing sacred?

  • equalist

    Those monsters!  They were acting like… like NORMAL PEOPLE LEAVING THEIR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT!  Oh the HORROR!

  • purplemistydez

    Looks like my coworkers getting off work.  What the hell is wrong with anti-choicers?  I guess pro choicers can not act like regular people.