Florida Legislator Will Again Attempt To Ban All Abortions

A Florida state legislator has announced that once more he will be introducing a bill that would define abortion as murder, and that would put a doctor in jail for performing one.

Via the Florida Independent:

Though not yet introduced, [State Rep. Charles] Van Zant told [Creative Loafing] earlier this month that he will bring back the Florida for Life Act before the official session begins in Tallahassee in January. The lawmaker from Keystone Heights says if his bill were to pass, doctors would go to jail for performing an abortion.

“Absolutely. That would be a murder,” he said in phone conversation. “He would be involved in the death of the lives of an infant child and certainly there would be penalties.”

Van Zant has proposed the same bill year session after session, watching it fail each time.  But with the Florida legislature at perhaps its most anti-choice ever, who knows if this time might be the charm.

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  • equalist

    Why can’t these guys seem to grasp the difference between a cluster of cells and a live, born, infant?  Someone get an embryo from an in vitro clinic and hand it to these guys and give them a six month old infant in the other arm and then let them try to explain how there’s no difference.

  • ahunt

    Because to do so would undermine their efforts to remove women with and without children from any endeavor that interferes with their own comfort, control and self entitlement.

  • lilithe-magdalene

    “This time might be the charm”?


    Why give this man that power with your words and thinking?


    No charm, no magic for men who think they understand the mysteries of motherhood and conception. I cancel out your visualization that this man has any charm at all to take away the decision making of women over their own bodies. In fact, I curse the process to not only fail, but to fail so abysmally, that he is forced to see how wrong he is.