“Wichita:” Will a TV Series About Dr. Tiller’s Life Depict the Integrity By Which He Lived?

I have to say that while many of my other Wichita friends and acquaintances are excited about the development of a new drama inspired by Dr. Tiller’s life, I remain skeptical.  Skeptical isn’t really the correct word…it feels just really surreal.  His life wasn’t a tv show it was reality and how “realistic” will this show be? 

Will it be as sensational as the writer’s other work, True Blood?  I watch True Blood and there are many times I wonder why I’m watching it, as it has offended me.  Will the writer create over the top abortion scenarios?  Will he vilify our Doctor?  Dr. Tiller himself was exposed to so many extremes in his life, no doubt that an HBO drama will certainly have a lot of dramatic material from which to choose.

Wichita is a community that continues to grieve for Dr. Tiller.  We continue to be denied the access to abortion care he laid his life on the line to provide.  While the prospect of a recurring drama focused on his life is a difficult thing to comprehend, I am certain that the community will watch.  The people of Wichita will be riveted, as the depiction of his life unfolds episodically each week.

I hope that the writer can somehow capture the every day acts of kindness and respect that Dr. Tiller brought to the women who came to Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas…his strength, determination and devotion to the lives of the women he served at the greatest of all costs.  He was our physician.  He remains our hero.  He was sensational in the outstanding sense of the word.   Here’s to hoping “Wichita” retains the integrity that his memory deserves.

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  • lindzanne

    Wow.  I see so much room for this to be problematic……on the other hand, we desperately need portrayals in the media, etc of abortion providers with dignity and humanity and with the proper respect of the weight of all they provide….let’s hope this will be the latter!