Thanks To Chris Christie, Six Family Planning Health Centers Close in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called the elimination of family planning funding a correction of “duplicate services.”

If they were duplicate, why are family planning clinics closing due to lack of funds?

Via the Delaware Online:

From June 2010 to June 2011, Planned Parenthood and similar providers statewide saw 16,340 fewer visits to their centers, Planned Parenthood of New Jersey’s statewide coordinator Michele Jaker said. She said there were 81,978 visits to centers statewide from June 2009 to June 2010. That number was down 20 percent just one year later, to 65,638.

“To date, six of 58 family planning health centers have closed so far as a result of the state cut,” Jaker said. Two of those centers affiliated with Planned Parenthood closed in Cherry Hill and Dover last year.

I guess the only thing really “duplicate” about the services was the fact that women need to get birth control every month, not just once.

(Hat tip, Think Progress)

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  • johnshoane

    That is totally ridiculous – cutting funds to family planning clinics. I mean come on – unwanted babies are not a strain on the economy? Unwanted children with issues are not a strain on the economy? All these cuts are just shock doctrine, America is not bankrupt.