• prochoiceferret

    Hm, in recent years, I’ve thought Steve Jobs would make a pretty good anti-choice poster child. But that has more to do with how he won’t let you run non-Apple-approved apps on your iPhone/iPad.


    I just hope things won’t get to the point where we have to jailbreak pregnant women… literally.

  • crowepps

    So David Berkowitz, Gerald Eugene Stano and Ted Bundy can logically then be used as arguments against adoption and for abortion?


    Many adoptive parents are truly wonderful and treat their adopted children with every bit of the love and care they do or would give their own children, but frankly, if ProLife activists really truly want to convince more girls/women to consider giving up their children for adoption, they need to reform the way adoptive parents are chosen, get the rules changes so girls can keep in contact with their children and be sure they are safe, and do a much better job of screening out potential adoptive parents who are mentally ill or selfish or perverted, so there doesn’t continue to be one story after another in the news about ‘adoptive parents keep children in cages’ and ‘adoptive child starved/beaten to death’ and ‘adoptive child sexually abused/prostituted’.


    Judging by the media reports (which are what form girls’/women’s opinions of adoption) either social service or adoption agencies are doing a really crappy job of evaluating, or far too many children are being privately placed by people more interested in getting fat fees than in looking out for children’s best interests, and neither is following through with the sensible follow-up procedures that would warn off exploiters and abusers.

  • forced-birth-rape


    “Couple pleads not guilty in homicide of adopted daughter”


    “The children told investigators that Hana sometimes was beaten with a switch for standing more than 12 inches away from where she was told to stand or for speaking without permission.”


    “According to court documents, the couple’s adopted daughter, Hana Williams, 13, was systematically starved, beaten, forced to use an outdoor toilet and sometimes locked in a dark closet for days by the Williams”


  • crowepps

    The first case I remember reacting to really intensely was in 1987 when Joel Steinberg got away with merely a manslaughter conviction after beating his informally adopted 6-year old daughter Elizabeth “Lisa” Launders, and leaving her laying on the bathroom floor until her brain swelled enough to finally kill her.  My daughter was just a couple months younger, so it made a real impression on me. 

  • colek3

    Hey, wasn’t Osama Bin Laden adopted? lol

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