Could Insurance for Children Be Making a Comeback in Alaska?

Denali KidCare, a state insurance plan for low income pregnant women and children in Alaska, became the center of a huge debate in 2010 because the governor claimed it was covering “hundreds” of abortions, may be getting some of its funding levels returned.

Via the Anchorage Daily News:

More than 40 Denali KidCare supporters rallied Thursday outside the legislative offices in downtown Anchorage, including Davis and fellow Democratic Sens. Johnny Ellis and Hollis French. Supporters also testified at a hearing of the Senate health committee, which Davis chairs. Sarah Weber of Anchorage spoke about how her baby was diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer at the age of 5 months and was only able to get treatment quickly because of Denali KidCare.

“That tells me this bill is one of the most pro-life things we can do,” said Mary Sullivan of the Alaska Primary Care Association.

Other advocates talked about how Alaska, while it enjoys big budget surpluses, is one of just four states that don’t fund children’s health insurance at 200 percent or more of the federal poverty level, which in Alaska is $55,880 for a family of four.

The program is supplemented with matching funds from the federal government, which the state of Alaska turned down. Governor Parnell has stated that if the legislature passes a bill to add back funding, he will once more veto it.

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  • equalist

    Because nothing says pro life like letting sick children die due to lack of medical care.