Troy Newman: “Abortionists Don’t Deserve Anonymity”

The harassers over at Operation Rescue are pleased to say that they have “unmasked” the woman who travels across the country, helping women who want to terminate their pregnancies to utilize their legal right to do so.

Via Operation Rescue:

“Abortionists don’t deserve anonymity,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It keeps them from being held accountable for their actions. In some states, patients aren’t even told the full names of their abortionists and when things go wrong, women don’t even know who to file a complaint against.”

Identifying abortionists has helped Operation Rescue and other pro-life groups to warn women of abortionists with histories of abortion abuses.

“People who are proud of their work are willing to put their names on it. People who are ashamed or are trying to get away with something, like bank robbers and abortionists, wear masks,” said Newman. “It’s time to unmask Nicola Moore and allow Christians to pray for her — as a post-abortive woman and as an abortionist — to seek repentance, salvation, and healing through the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.”

Of course, it’s not anonymity — it’s privacy.  But as they have proven over and over again, women don’t deserve any sort of privacy, either.

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  • kari-rinker

    LOL…Jesus Christ, MD. 


  • kari-rinker



  • crowepps

    I don’t suppose it ever occurred to Troy Newman that anonymity is also chosen by people who get death threats.  He should know that, because the nutcases he eggs on to assassinate abortion providers need lots of help identifying their targets because of that anonymity.


    Thank you, Nicola Moore.  I appreciate your sacrifices on behalf of women, and the risks you take.

  • dougi

    Oh, so Troy won’t mind, since I have his address, phone number and social security number, that I post all of it online right?