• freetobe

    thought about what will happen if Obama does not win re-election next year?? Kiss our rights goodbye.

    I have yet to see any real outraged women in this country. Is it that women just don’t have the time to save themselves and their daughters future or is it that are to afraid to stand up for thier rights?

    I don’t get it. I am 54 soon to be 55 and I care about the future of women in this country. Where is eveyone else? Yes there are a handfull of us that comment on here and I have seen up to 500 comment on care2 site maybe about 20 comment on Alternet where are the rest of the women in this country?Why are their not millions of us on the streets and infiltrating the media ? Do you know what is going to happen in the future do you want to lose most all of your rights?

    You see for me it is a life or death decision. After living with a male tyrant for 9 years i became very angry with the lack of womans equality in this country the supposed land of the free and made the decision then that I would fight to the death before I ever became chattel again. So maybe it is just me who is the angry one?

    Yes it is the land of the free but only for white males. Women,blacks American indians( the true Americans) and hispanics sorry you don’t get freedom only mile high walls of obstruction.

  • reproductivefreedomfighter

    The House is just chock-full of misogynists, isn’t it?  Theatre is right.  Ugh.  They don’t want to raise taxes on the rich, but they’re OK with wasting our time, their time, and the president’s time on crap like this, a bill that will be vetoed?!?  I’m glad, at least, to hear that he will veto it. 

  • intelligiant84

    Another reason for me NOT TO BE A CATHOLIC, one of the most sexist religions who have pedophile priests they continue protect while pushing this nonsense to make women pay which is what the Catholic church has been doing for thousands of years, yeah but they know God’s mind or whatever, yeah right! NOT. VETO this garbage Obama!

  • intelligiant84

    Free too be , Yes I am on the same page as you when will all of these young women start speaking out, because it doesn’t affect me because i ma 58 so when will they become outraged. 

  • jsygrl

    Who is going to care of these motherless babies when they let the mother die?

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