Michigan Signs “Partial Birth Abortion” Ban Into Law

Despite a federal ban already existing, and no real “partial birth abortion” procedure in existence, the state of Michigan has officially banned the practice, with Governor Rick Snyder signing the anti-choice legislation.

Proponents of the bill have called it “vitally necessary.”

Viathe Holland Sentinel:

“I’m proud to see these life-saving measures signed into law,” said [Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan] Meekhof, R-West Olive. “Life is a precious gift that must be defended. That is exactly what these new laws do — protect life.”
Meekhof called the state ban “vitally necessary.” Federal authorities do not have the resources to enforce the federal law, he said.

Supporters have also said they want a state ban in place in case the federal ban falls apart.

I remember when lawmakers used to think passing bills that might help create jobs was “vitally necessary.”

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