Listeria Responsible for Iowa Miscarriage

With every pregnancy, I tend to stray a little further from the “no no” list of foods.  Now, half way into my fourth pregnancy (and, hopefully third birth) I’ve already hit the sushi, gave up on fully cooking my eggs, and even stopped microwaving the lunch meat.

Good thing this kid gave me an issue with fruit, though, or I may have gotten caught up in the great cantalope listeria scare.

Over 100 people were sickened by the tainted fruit, but one woman in Iowa was the first to have her miscarriage of an early fetus tied to the contamination.  But with listeria infections taking up to two months to fully develop, according to the MSNBC report, she may not be the last.

Meanwhile, I’ll just stick to bread and cheese like I have for the last 20 weeks.

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