Ohio “Heartbeat” Bill Stalled For Legal Analysis

The Ohio bill to ban all abortions from the point in which a heartbeat can be detected is in yet another round of limbo, as senate leaders ask for a legal analysis before bringing it up for a vote.

Via The Republic:

The Ohio Senate’s Republican leader says he’s asking a group of state lawmakers to review legal questions related to a bill that would ban abortions at the first detectable fetal heartbeat.

President Tom Niehaus (NEE’-hows) said Tuesday he wants the group to vet any legal issues and report back to him in November.

Let’s see if “totally violates Roe V. Wade” is considered a “legal issue.”

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  • benfenton

    Why a heartbeat? Liver function is just as important. Brain function. And those don’t make a human being. Feelings, thoughts, consciousness, culture, relationships–those are qualifiers for a human being.

    And anti-abortion folk couldn’t care less for the living. You ever hear about a “pro-lifer” working in a soup kitchen? Discovering a cure for a disease? Advocating for rape victims? Nope. Because it’s not about helping people to them, it’s about punishing women. Period.