Planned Parenthood: Stealing Children’s Souls, One By One

Opponents of a potential Planned Parenthood expansion in Nebraska know that stopping the clinic is more than a matter of cutting off funds to a group that also performs abortions. 

No, this is a battle of good versus evil.

Via The Lexington Clipper:

Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League and founder of Stop Planned Parenthood International, spoke Thursday to more than 30 people at Trinity Presbyterian Church about the history of Planned Parenthood, the goals of the organization and why it would like to come to Kearney.

“Planned Parenthood is not only after your child’s money, but after their soul,” he said.

Sedlak said Planned Parenthood’s primary goals have always been to allow people to engage in uninhibited sex and provide birth control that he said prevents birth, such as abortion. The organization also targets young people in high school and college, he said, and tries to tell communities that young people having sex is normal.

“Premarital sexual activity among young people is a sin,” Sedlak said. “They won’t say that, but you will and I will.”

I heard they eat the hearts of young kittens, too.

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  • wendy-banks

    WTF?? Are these people nuts?

  • purplemistydez

    Yes. Yes they definatley are.

  • equalist

    I thought that was already clear.

  • equalist

    I thought that was already clear.

  • freetobe

    They awere discussing eliminating planned parenthood here is one of several responses I got:

    “Oh, so you are god?! Well now, why doesn’t that surprise me? Being god is but one of myriad liberal illusions.

    I speak for myself, and, as you will soon learn, for a great many others. And it’s those many others who in due course will bring about your demise.

    So, having an unborn child in one’s uterus is a sickness? I trust you see (although I won’t assume it) that there’s no possibility of reconciliation between you and your kind and decent, rational human beings, who, unlike you, have not abdicated their humanity. You are the enemy, and for the enemy there is only one fitting fate: total destruction.”


    The poster also mention in another comment “total annilation” of the liberals. He also misunderstood my comment about the Uterus being an organ that can get sick just as the prostate glands can but as you can see he associated my comment with a fetus instead of what I actually said which had to do with health care that planned parenthood provides not associated with pregnancy!

    This is a physco for sure and there are too many conservatives like this out there.

  • beenthere72

    Disturbing.   Maybe you were conversing with Hank Williams Jr.?   This whole enemy meme needs to be squashed; it’s getting out of control.  

  • crowepps

    Remember this the next time somebody suggests that if we’re just all reasonable and try to understand each other, we could come up with constructive ideas and reach a compromise.  You cannot be reasonable enough to have a productive exchange with somebody who is this looney.

  • wendy-banks

    Well, I didn’t think Anti-Choice crowd were that nuts, but in compairison to the other fundies I’ve talked to the ones here are only a ‘8’ on the crazy meter. The ones that troll the Atheist sites and YouTube are way worse– Barking mad Bachmann crazy, ’11’ on the crazy meter crazy. I guess self-delution knows no bounds, eh?

  • ray984954

    Based on the 112th Congress with a TprtyRethugnut majority House who passed HR 3, that really hurts women, and yet they say they are helping women by this action and it is truly bafflegab at its best. These mooncalfs see a different and truly alternate reality where invisible entities are controlling them, and while they say that very entity is good and all powerful, if then that entity is indeed strong enough to cause good, it  is most likely this entity is also responsile for all that is bad, too. They target single women who like to have sex, demonizing them and they want to force the woman to suffer through having no other choice but to have a baby if they get pregnant, worse than that another goal is to do away with contraception entirely, while advocating abstinence only. These folks are nuts, and I refuse to call them Pro-Life, they are Anti woman, Anti-choice.

    Seems to me, though women have the vote, they do not have representation in Congress and therefore the US House can pass a draconian anti-woman bill like HR 3. Women, in general, still have to beg men to vote yes on women’s  issues.

    The solution, I think,  should be as Jeannette Rankin, the first woman House member, a Republican from Montana who won in 1916 before women’s suffrage, and who won again in 1940, who was a pacifist and voted against US entry into WWI and WWII, and said this, “We’re half the people, we should be half the Congress.”

    So, there would not be an issue or bill brought up(for which the bill itself would apply to only one gender, if women made up 50% of the Congress),  that would give men the last word on, in what for them is essentially a non-issue…..they, men can’t get pregnant, so why should they have the last word on a personal women’s issue at all? Ultimately, the woman is the arbiter of their abortion. Sure, men made pregnancy possible, but only women can decide whether to continue it, yet here we are as a country about to overturn Roe vs Wade if the zealots get their way.

    Not to mention that the budget passed by the TprtyRethugnuts in 2011 for 2012, hurts women and children more than anyone else; so, would women if they were 50% of the Congress, vote on a bill that would victimize themselves and their kids, or would they be more reasonable about it? I think the latter. Afghanistan has a higher number of women in their legislature than the US(17% vs circa 25%). And though I’m not sure if it gives good advocacy for women in Afghanistan, at least there is the possibility, with aa higher number of women represented.

  • freetobe

    This would be huge! Our governement is so off balance and always has been and to think we are the #1 country in the world? i do not see it that way from a womans perspective. Our Constitution was written by men for men as was the Bible and everything else on this planet. It would take a tremendous effort to get a bill like this passed in Congress and with the one we have now I doubt it would even be brought up for a vote. However we should try to get a bill written maybe Pelosi wuld be a good place to start.

    The problem with getting republican women in congress is that they are against women themselves and against there own good! Bachmann and Palin for starters. They seem so foreign to me as women. They almost seem brainwashed either by religion or they are to scared to come out on their own without a mans shadow to hide behind. Most women I know care about the poor and whether children are starving. These two and others like them could care less and they have proven it by their actions and going with the crowd of other republicans instead of standing on their own two feet.

    Still we should make waves and do this!