High School Student Fights Back Against Protesters

More and more schools are being targeted by anti-choice protests, as more and more activists seem to have decided that middle schools, high schools and even elementary schools are the best place to spread their message — one that often includes gruesome pictures.

One student asks that the activists please stop, as it isn’t helping their cause; she’s trying to get an education and doesn’t need distractions.

Via the Baltimore Sun:

Regardless of the shock-factor that surely did hit students varying between ages of 14-18, not to mention staff, I feel that this protesting is not appropriate in a school environment. I do understand that technically they were not on school property, so this was a legal protest, but that doesn’t make it right. Pro-life supporters who feel the need to hold up disturbing photographs in front of a high school setting are certainly giving their cause a bad name, not helping their cause. I’ll be completely honest… I do not support abortion, but I definitely do not support older men holding up signs of these types of images as I pull in to school in the morning. Young people should not be obliged to see those types of images. Don’t try to tell me we don’t have to look…because these guys were pretty hard to miss.

Several students that I spoke to at school were angered by the photo. We are coming to school to get an education, not have our political views influenced or judged by outside parties or groups.

And a little child shall lead them…

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  • forced-birth-rape


    ~ I wish pro forced birthers would just focus on hurting women over the age of eighteen and quit hurting girls under the age of eighteen.

    This is misogyny child abuse directed at under age girls. Pro-lifers just want more girls to be born were they can make them hate themselves and miserable.

    This has to do with girls bodies not boys so this is very hurtful and mean to under age girls. I would not want my poor daughter having to be subject to this vile little girl abuse. ~



    ~ Pro-lifers treat the female race (even under age sexually abused girls) like shit on the bottom of their woman and little girl kicking forced birther shoes. ~


    ~ Pregnancy and birth is pro-lifer porn, and yes they will ad under age girls to their sadomasochistic misogynistic pornographic fetishes.~

  • beenthere72

    Very wise of that junior in high school to write a letter to the editor.   Smart kid!