South Dakota Defense Fund Doubles in Size Thanks To One Donor

Editor’s note: This piece was corrected to remove an extra 0.  The amount was $25,000, not $250,000.

South Dakota has already spent large sums of money to defend the 2005 abortion restriction requiring a woman who wants an abortion to be told that she is terminating a separate and unique life.  Now, with 72-hour waiting period and mandatory counseling rules being litigated, too, South Dakota will spend even more.

To keep pushing abortion restrictions, the state set up a legal defense fund to which any person can donate any amount of money they choose to give.  Now, that fund has doubled in donations thanks to a $25,000 donation by Joseph and Cynthia Brinck of Ohio.

So, just who is this couple?

Via The Argus Leader:

Only one Joe Brinck is listed in Ohio phone directories, and he is CEO of Stelter and Brinck LTD, a manufacturer of industrial process heat equipment and president of Superior Thermal Ltd., a manufacturer’s representative agency selling industrial-gas burners and controls, according to company websites.

Joe Brinck also is on the board of directors of an organization he founded, Ruah Woods. Its mission is to restore family and renew the culture using Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, according to the organization’s website.

Under Joe Brinck’s biography on the site, he states, “My businesses belong to Jesus, and we state so in our corporate minutes and our mission and vision statements. We use our businesses to evangelize our employees, customers and suppliers. We use the profits to support pro-life organizations.”

Brinck is also the head of the “Brinck Family Foundation,” also known as the “Sanctity of Life Foundation” in Ohio.  He is also, unsurprisingly, an active Ohio “Heartbeat Ban” supporter.

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