Thomas: Courts Shouldn’t Make Decisions On Abortion

It’s likely that at least one — if not more than one — restriction on abortion will end up at the Supreme Court within the next year or so.  So it’s not terribly comforting to know at least one member of the court thinks the court shouldn’t have a say at all.

So says Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who spoke at a law school in Nebraska this week.

Via The Omaha World Herald:

Moral questions such as abortion and capital punishment shouldn’t be left to the court’s discretion. The judicial system is too involved with such cases, he said. “I don’t know about all these big moral issues more than anyone else. Citizens and political leaders need to make these decisions.”

So I guess that’s a vote for letting unconstitutional restrictions stand, right?

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  • sonicnylon

    In fact, the Supreme Court has never ruled on a “moral question”, only legal ones.  Justice Thomas was painstakingly selected for the Suprme Court by President Bush the First for his implacable opposition to our constitutional heritage, and indeed, any recognition of the human rights of liberty and equality.  He should not have been confirmed.  His perverse line of logic is that corrupt and even religiously demented “citizens and political leaders” are loose cannons who may mercilessly persecute, imprison and put people to death without judicial accountability or any deference to due process of law. Controvertible prosecutions and penalties must be answerable to the courts but not contoverted freedom.  When people are never prosecuted for the “crime” of family planning and no person is ever sentenced to death, then and only then will be their be no need for  the Supreme Court to rule on “abortion and capital punishment”!