• freetobe

    but I doubt they really are concerned with poverty stricten women. They never have been before. I became a single mother but not because I was a liberal feminist but because my ex was very verbally and sometimes physically abusive.

    When I finally got out of the marriage I could not even decide on what kind of mattress to buy for my bed. It was so bad a kind lady in the store sat me down in the back room and just told me to relax. i knew then that I was really a mess mentally. Yes this can and does happen to of many us tormented women. Then again I really doubt these people could give a rats ass.

    Like you said it is once again about controlling women and keeping them in their “place”.

  • jruwaldt

    I guess Hoye’s admitting a fetus isn’t really life, since he wrote “‘LIFE’ happens.”

  • crowepps

    “When a man has sex with a woman he is consenting to being a FATHER,”

    Golly, that’s going to be a real shocker to all those men who heard “I’m pregnant” and promptly left town.

    Have the men’s rights organizations heard this claim on their behalf?  You know, the ones insisting they’re entitled to decide whether they feel like supporting their children? 

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