Heartbeat Ban Author Declares “The End of Abortion” Is In Sight

Anti-choice activists in Ohio are gearing up to see if they can get the state senate to approve a ban on all abortions from the point in which a heartbeat is detected — as soon as 18 days post conception.  And bill author Janet Porter claims this could be the “end of abortion” for the country.

Via WorldNetNews:

Dr. Jack Willke testified that the Heartbeat Bill will save 95 percent of the babies who would otherwise be aborted – that’s 26,000 Ohio babies every year – a school bus full of children every single day!

We also have every indication that the current Supreme Court will uphold Ohio’s Heartbeat Law. In Gonzales v. Carhart (which upheld the ban on partial-birth abortion), the Supreme Court, after nearly four decades of recognizing only “potential life” in the womb, recognized as an undisputed “finding of fact” that a “living fetus” exists from the time of detectable heartbeat! What happens in Ohio will affect the nation! Already seven states are lined up to follow Ohio’s lead.

And if that doesn’t get you all excited, she has some heart shaped cookies for the senators she can’t wait to hand out.

The Ohio House already passed the ban last legislative session, leaving the Senate as the final hurdle. 

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  • elburto

    In ten years time the US is going to look like Afghanistan.

  • crowepps

    A Roman Catholic priest nationally known for his anti-abortion activism is being accused by his bishop of failing to account for millions of dollars in donations.

    Bishop Patrick Zurek of Amarillo, Texas, is ordering the Rev. Frank Pavone (pah-VONE) to stop his work outside the diocese and return to Amarillo for “prayer and reflection”.


    Yep, all about the innocent babies —

  • leah-taylor

    The worst part about this “Heartbeat Bill” crap is that here in Ohio, we have a common-sense bill called “The Prevention First Act”. It mandates that any school choosing to provide sex education to it’s students must ensure that it’s medically accurate, and it also address the problem of E.R. for rape victims: mandating that emergency rooms must offer Plan B and STI information/support to anyone reporting sexual assault.

    But the Ohio House wouldn’t hear of it. They brought the Heartbeat fiasco to the floor, but refused to acknowledge the Prevention First Act, which would be instrumental in actually preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. It’s so frustrating and scary here.

    We’re pressuring lawmakers to back the Prevention First Act, and we need all the help we can get. Please sign the petition:
    And like the facebook page at /wevehadenoughohio
  • equalist

    I’m not sure it’ll even take that long.

  • equalist

    That’s because it’s not about actually preventing abortion, it’s about punishing women for having sex, and making sure the poor have too many mouths to feed to be able to pull themselves out of poverty.  It’s easy to convince a woman to work for minimum wage when she has six kids at home to feed.

  • leah-taylor

    Sadly, I know you’re right. I refuse to give up, though. Not without a fight.

  • wendy-banks

    Ugh! That f’ing dirt-bag shouldn’t be allowed to have ANY any access to ANYBODY. He should be stuck in a stone monks cell with no access to the out-side world.