Giuliani Says He Can’t Be President Because He’s Not Anti-Choice Enough

The Republicans say repeatedly that Americans are interested in the economy, not social issues.  Still former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani can see that until the actual Republican primary voters believe the same, he’ll never have a chance to be the presidential nominee.

Via USA Today:

“I would have a hard time getting nominated,” Giuliani said as he acknowledged the role social conservatives play in the nominating process.

Abortion rights opponents, home-school advocates and other social conservatives play key roles in states such as Iowa and South Carolina that are among the first to vet GOP candidates. Giuliani has said he is opposed to abortion, but believes that it is a woman’s decision on whether to undergo the procedure.

“I’m simply not that conservative on social issues, and I’m not willing to change just to become president,” Giuliani told the Press Club audience.

So, just a reminder, in order to run the country, the most important criteria to the GOP is being determined to ensure women can’t decide for themselves when they want to have children. 

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