Ohio Pushes For Personhood Amendment

Ohio has never met an abortion restriction that they haven’t immediately fell in love with, so it should be little shock to anyone that they are now considering a personhood amendment, too.  After all, a potential ban on abortion after 6 weeks isn’t nearly as effective as declaring a fertilized egg a person and banning birth control and fertility treatments, too.

Even better, Personhood Ohio is considering the Tea Party their inspiration and support.

Via the Houston Chronicle:

Dr. Patrick Johnston, a Zanesville pediatrician, is spearheading the effort for Personhood Ohio. He said the group started collecting signatures a week ago and hopes to submit the first 1,000 next week.

“I think the whole tea party movement has reinvigorated the movement to get something done at the state level instead of waiting on the federal government,” said Johnston, who has spoken at five tea party rallies in Ohio. “Tea party resolution is strong in Ohio, and that has invigorated pro-lifers.”

I remember when the Tea Party was all about limited government.

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  • ahunt

    Someone needs to make a movie…of an Ohio in which zygotes are considered persons protected under the 14th amendment.

  • elburto

    We could reread The Handmaid’s Tale, and shudder as we realise the prescience in Atwood’s vision. America is becoming Gilead, slowly but surely. It’s so clear to those of us who are looking in from the outside.

  • justynashley

    Choice USA created a fetal personhood video to raise awareness about the importance of reproductive justice. Watch the video and spread the word!

  • catseye71352

    That vid was _priceless!_