McDonnell Claims Clinic Regulations Are “In Interest Of Health”

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will have you know that he is absolutely positive that the new regulations that many believe could eventually shut down most of the state’s abortion providers really is in the best interest of a woman’s health.

Even if he hasn’t actually read any of the regulations.

Via The Washington Post:

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said he has not read the draft regulations for abortion clinics, released late Friday, but that the intent of the proposal is to look after women’s health, not to close the facilities.

“It’s in the interest of health,” McDonnell said on his monthly call-in show on WTOP radio in Washington.

State officials have been rushing to adopt emergency rules after the General Assembly voted this spring to mandate that the rules be written no more than 280 days after the bill was signed into law.

“There’s ample time for the public to be involved, to give us their input,’’ McDonnell said. “We’re just following what the General Assembly has passed, and that is these clinics be regulated as hospitals.”

Who doesn’t love it when their elected officials endorse things without reading them?

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