“Fetal Pain” Ban Challenged In Idaho

Jennie McCormack, an Idaho mother of three who recently had charges of “unlawful abortion” dismissed against her, is now suing the state in an attempt to have a ban on “ending your own pregnancy” and the newly passed 20 week “fetal pain” ban overturned.

A hearing will be held on September 8th to for the courts to consider an injunction on both laws, which McCormack’s lawyer is arguing are unconstitutional.

Via Reuters:

The 1972 Idaho law discriminates against McCormack and other women of limited means in southeastern Idaho, which lacks any abortion providers, by forcing them to seek more costly surgical abortions far from home, the lawsuit says.

McCormack was turned in for “unlawful abortion” after an anti-choice sibling of one of her friends contacted the police to tell them of her actions.

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  • crowepps

    Not being in a position to continue a pregnancy can be upsetting for women and aborting can be as well.  Women process things they find distressing by reaching out to friends.  Having that friend gossip about it to her anti-abortion buddy, who then ran hotfoot down to the cops and reported her, sends the message to other women that if they can’t or don’t want to complete a pregnancy they’d better keep their mouths shut and not look for support.

  • divine-oubliette

                           . . . after an anti-choice sibling of one of her friends . . .

    Should read – . . .  after an anti-choice friend of her sibling (sister) . . .


    It was her sister who ordered the medication from the internet for her. The sister made the mistake of gabbing to a friend of her’s.


  • robin-marty

    the person who turned her in was the sister of a friend:




    Carnahan said she felt the need to speak up when she was contacted about the situation by a family member.”I’m a grandmother myself. And the love and the compassion I have for my grandkids? They’re my life. And I felt that if somebody didn’t speak up for this baby, who would? It doesn’t have a voice anymore,” Carnahan said.