• crowepps

    There just isn’t way to get it through to these fanatics that the effort to force women into producing babies for the ‘tribe’ is coercive and dishonest when there isn’t any support for keeping those babies alive afterwards.


    One more safe and comfortable space for women invaded and ruined by ideologues who insist they’re on a mission from God and therefore have a right to put pressure on other women to facilitate it by agreeing to proselytize and shove the blatant lies and weird fringe viewpoint in people’s faces.

  • ahunt

    Take Heart, Crowepps…DIL owns her own shop, and while some true believers may sign on, the majority of these self-employed people know better than to bring this kind of controversy into their business. Nothing good can come from it.


    Especially given the prevailing wages and the current economic climate.

  • equalist

    The best part is they were giving window decals for the shops, so we know which ones to avoid!

  • crowepps

    I imagine that after a few customers state they won’t be coming back if they’re going to get ragged on, and that they don’t come to the salon to get moral lectures, the idea will fade away.

  • divine-oubliette

    Makes me glad I henna my hair myself at home : )

  • wendy-banks

    Wow, talk about unprofessional! I feel the the same way about stylists that litter there area with religious crap and wear big tacky crosses around their necks. There is one woman in a shop here that does that (yaps about religion) and I find it very offensive. I really don’t want them cutting my hair, and I’d rather go to a different shop that keeps their religion mto themselves. (The religion yapper chick wears this 4″X 3″ and ugly to boot cross with huge rough turquoise chunks on it. It looks like halloween jewelry. I’ve seen some chicks in the town I live in wearing no less than 12 crosses on their persons– Earrings, three or four necklaces, ring, tee-shirt, belt buckel, purse, pants and tattoos, and the same time. Tacky much? *rolls eyes*.). 

  • equalist

    I know exactly the type you’re talking about.  They’re the same ones who in random conversation having nothing to do about religion, inject the words “I’m a Christian” into the conversation as many times as possible.  You know, in case you might forget somehow.  Sometimes it just makes you want to scream “Alright, I get it, I know you’re a Christian, so now what?”

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