Anti-Choice Protesters: Welcome Back, Middle Schoolers! Look at the Bloody Fetuses!

The use of graphic photos in abortion protests seem to be spreading this year, and now are interested in targeting even younger ages.  A group of protesters in Rockville, Maryland thought that 8 feet tall graphic bloody “fetus” images were an appropriate way to welcome middle schoolers to a new school year.

Via Rockville Patch:

Anti-abortion demonstrators stood at both sides of the entrance to the driveway on Scott Drive, displaying banner-sized photos of aborted fetuses.

County police officers asked the demonstrators to move off school property, said Officer Janelle Smith, a Montgomery County Police Department spokeswoman. They complied, standing on the sidewalk on either side of the driveway. After additional discussion with officers, the demonstrators chose to leave.

I wish I could understand how middle school is too young to show age appropriate diagrams of human antatomy in a comprehensive sex education program, but is just the right age for giant closeups of dismembered fetal remains from alleged later term abortions.

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  • beenthere72

    In the comments:

    In Montgomery County Schools, children and young adults are inundated with government sponsored social engineering on subjects ranging from contraception and abortion to gender identity and same sex marriage. The students never hear the whole truth, but some of the real truth was provided today. I wonder why all of the parents and individuals shouted profanities and insults at the peaceful Pro-Life advocates who gathered outside of the school. Do they express their anger in the same way when those very same students view exceptionally graphic images of the Holocaust that appear in government provided school text books.


    I… OMG… so much I want to say.   But I haven’t set up a discreet Patch account yet and I don’t trust forced-birthers stalking abilities.   I’ll have to work on setting one up when I have more time.

  • crowepps

    They are showing junior high aged student naked children.  Isn’t that trafficking in child pornography?  Some imaginative citizen ought to insist on filing such a complaint.

  • beenthere72

    Oooh, here is why they are doing it:


    The school where the truth was being shown that day is the school of the daughter of the abortionist Todd Stave.


    So now they are harrassing his young daughter.   That is seriously crossing the line. 

  • prochoicekatie

    What line? 


    Don’t you know that abortionists, their friends, their children, their coworkers, and their fellow churchgoers are not worthy of your manners, decorum, empathy, etc.?

    The irony lost on pro-lifers has and continues to be how little respect they are willing to show for the lives of those they disagree with. The humanity they claim to protect does not seem to unite them with “these others” once born, and the pro-lifers refuse to show them even an iota of decency or respect.

  • beenthere72

    Yeah, sadly I do know.   :-(

  • jennifer-starr

    Harrassing someone’s child–real classy these ‘pro-life’ types.  Disgusting. 

  • ahunt

    The school where the truth was being shown that day is the school of the daughter of the abortionist Todd Stave.


    Cowardice. Thuggery. Contemptible.


  • beenthere72

    Apparently they got the wrong school too. 


    Mods, please feel free to delete or edit my post to remove the doctor’s name.  The Patch also removed it from their comments.  I’m unable to edit it now.