• womononajourney

    This is all very true, but it is odd that sexual violence is left out of this article. What about the overflow of pornography? How does this benefit women as a group? What about the fact that since women do earn less than men and are often left raising the kids, we disproportiontely end up having to sexually service men to get by? What about the fact that for men to be raped on the same scale as us, they have to be in PRISON?

    Again, I think all that was said above is important, but for women to really be free, we must be free enough to walk the streets at night without fear. (Or surf the ‘net without fear of sexual predators and pop-up ads that trigger memories of sexual abuse).


  • elburto

    There’s no need to be seeing popups in this day and age. I haven’t seen one for years. You need to use a browser like Chrome or Firefox. Install a plugin like Adblock or Adblock Plus. This will disable ads. There will be the rare popunder (but never on mainstream sites) but simply right-clicking and selecting “block this ad” will make sure you never see it again.

    Even before taking those measures I never got porn popups unless it was on porn sites. You may wish to run checks with antivirus, antitrojan and antispyware programs because unless you’re dwelling exclusively in the most unsavoury corners of the internet (or someone in your house is) you shouldn’t be seeing stuff like that.

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