Congratulations! You’re Forgiven!

Worried about being excommunicated over a prior abortion?  Never fear, priests are standing by, ready to forgive you!

But you’d better hurry to World Youth Day in Madrid, because this is a limited time offer.

Via the Detroit News:

“Most people know it is a sin but many would not know it is also an excommunicable offense,” said the Rev. Thomas Reese, senior fellow at Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University. “In order to be excommunicated, you have to know it is an excommunicable offense before the abortion takes place. If you don’t, you are not excommunicated.

“If you know it and do it anyway, then you must go to confession to a priest who has the authority from the bishop to lift the excommunication.”

At World Youth Day, the bishop has given authority to priests hearing confessions to lift the excommunication.

Not able to make it to Spain?  It appears local priests are able to give absolution now, too, as long as the woman confesses, admits that she “took an innocent human life,” and appears truly sorry.

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  • joan2

    Or why not just never tell your church or priest you’ve had an abortion? Or if you do feel guilty, why not skip the middle man and ask God for forgiveness directly?

    Reproductive issues seem to be something that celebate male Catholic priests are least qualified to minister to women about. Maybe it’s time they realize that and butt out…